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Working of Penis Pumps


The rise in ads and products related to sexual satisfaction in both men and women are evident that there are hindrances and problems in the regular course of life. The increased stress and other factors are causing problems that are even drifting the relations apart.

We hear cases of divorces because either of the spouses weren’t reaching the climax every time. It might sound funny for few of us, but that’s the actual fact. Well, that’s the reason we call sex as stress busters. It helps in relieving the accumulated stress and gets you good sleep. But the problem lies in getting into the bed for this activity! reasons may be many, firstly not interested, body not co-operating, mood isn’t lifted up and so on which are natural swings, but few potential problems need intervention of others to be corrected. One such is the Erectile Dysfunction problem, which makes the intimate action quite difficult. Yes, there are few lucky ones, who even with this problem can still enjoy a satisfied sexual life, not all have the same lucky mole. Many of them need corrections with external factors.

With advanced technologies, one doesn’t need to look too far for solutions to such problems. Surgery isn’t the solution to all! There is something better and best than that, Penis Pumps or Vacuum constriction Devices.

What is this device?

You might have heard about it, it’s a device which looks like a pump. It has an adjustable band so that it can fit on the penis perfectly without any shakes.

How does it look like?

A cylinder made of acrylic comprises the main component of the pump – which might or might not be attached directly to the end of penis. A ring, called the constriction ring is placed at the other end which is placed on the torso.

But, do you know how they actually work?

That most of us don’t know read and know how it works. So that the next time you can use it with much knowledge and gain complete benefit.

  • To begin with place the pump on the appendage to be enlarged. The pump is hand operated or battery 7c73250081f83d5c352cae91374f27dcoperated.
  • You must clear the air out of the cylinder to ensure that a vacuum is created.
  • The pump and the cylinder are used to create a vacuum inside that helps the penis become erect.
  • The vacuum created will help to draw blood into the shaft of the penis and makes it to swell and in turn make it erect.
  • Now the penis being erect, with the help of lubricant you must slide the band down to the lower end of the penis
  • After releasing the vacuum you must remove the pump.

So, thinking how can it be serving the purpose of pleasure extraction, with pumps, rings, battery? Well, there is no harm in having intercourse with this on. The band that you send to the lower end can stay there safely for about 30 minutes, which is really enough to have some play.

The efficiency of this device:

As many as 50-85% of people who have used it says it works for them great! They are absolutely satisfied with the type of result this device gives over other treatment options.

Cost of this VCD or Pump:

Depending on the brand and type of the pump you choose, the cost also varies. The battery operated devices are pretty more expensive than the hand operated ones. Hand operated devices need lot of strength to be operated, people suffering from arthritis or strength issues should use the battery operated versions.

There are many devices that are in the market currently, which are effective in working. They can be bought directly over the counter, without a prescription.Very-hot-and-romantic-couple-romance

Does insurance cover the cost?

Most of the medical companies give most part of the charges of the device when its documented, or prescribed by the doctor. But there are few like Medicaid who doesn’t cover the device charge under any circumstance, except under rare situations and in rare states.

DIY method:

There are many DIY methods for the same.

  • A plastic bottle
  • A vacuum with hose and reverse functions
  • Cotton
  • Adhesive tape
  • Cutting tools

With all these simple things, and few video tutorials you can make a good pump, in case you are already struggling to make ends meet and your insurance doesn’t cover up the cost. You can easily get back your penile erection in place with this DIY pump and enjoy your hardwork, reaping multiple benefits.